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Tasks that we perform (SERVICES):
Accounting services, support, outsourcing
  • We carry out all work on accounting and personnel
  • We submit all reports on time and without errors
  • We prepare invoices and ceftificates within 30 min after your request
Restoration of accounting records
  • We study the current accounting and reporting
  • We carry out work on the restoration of accounting
  • Submit current reports to the tax and all funds
Registration of LLC
  • We select kinds of activity on OKVED and the system of taxation
  • We prepare, submit and receive documents for registration
  • We help with the legal address and bank account
Support of tax audits
  • We study the company's reporting and the reason for the audit
  • Preparing your employee for communication with the inspectors
  • We go to the tax inspection together with you or your representative
Zero reporting
  • We prepare all accounting documents
  • We submit documents to the FIU, FSS, statistics
Management Accounting
  • Prepare management reporting for the owners and management of the company
  • we advise on reporting indicators
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    Tax reduction cases
    Интернет магазин
    Online shop
    A task
    To save on tax payments

    Divide the business into LLCs and IEs. All the goods were sold by the company on behalf of LLC, which operates on the main taxation system, that is, it works with VAT. We recommended sales for buyers - legal entities to carry out from LLC, and for sales to individuals register IE


    Due to the division of the company into two forms of ownership, LLC and IE managed to optimize tax payments in settlements with individuals, in view of the fact that IE does not pay VAT.

    Business owner’s savings
    18% of the amount of sales to individuals
    Интернет магазин
    Import of equipment
    A task
    To reduce insurance premiums on wages

    Transfer high-paid employees, whose salaries are the main accruals on contributions, from employees to co-founders of the company, while leaving a controlling stake in the real owner


    Employees can be left with minimal salary, and contributions to funds will be accrued from it. The remaining part of the salary can be paid in the form of dividends. For each of the applied forms of taxation, the savings will be their own, but it will and will be significant

    business owner’s savings
    30% of the funds accruals from the salary of high-paid employees
    Интернет магазин
    Investment company
    A task
    To find a way to reduce the profit tax on the sale of finished apartments purchased during the construction phase, the value of which has significantly increased by the time of resale

    Sale of apartments through their employees, selling them apartments at self-cost. Companies can sell their products at low prices to their employees. Reselling them, employees receive incomes that are not subject to insurance premiums.


    such transactions do not fall under the rules on price differences (paragraph 27 of Article 270 of the Tax Code), as in this case the company does not provide discounts from the normal price. With this sale of income tax does not arise.

    business owner’s savings
    20% zero income tax and personal income tax
    Сергей Печурин
    Appeal of the CEO of the Accounting Company Accounting Company

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

    I greet you on the site of LLC "Accounting Company" Confidence Code "!For almost 20 years, our company has been providing accounting and tax services.Our specialists have tremendous experience and are ready to apply it when working for your company. Read more

    We perform all the necessary actions, from processing primary documents to preparation and submission of reports.

    The cost of our services depends on various factors. In any case, the accounting company is more competent, safer and overall more beneficial than an individual accountant.

    We are looking forward to prividing services for you and will be happy to help you.

    Sincerely, General Director of Accounting Company Confidential Code
    Pechurin Sergey
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